What Are Mermaids Afraid of?

Are you interested in knowing what attracts mermaids and what they are scared of? Do you want to know what are mermaids afraid of? Keep reading to learn more about this mythical creature called the mermaid.

What Are Mermaids Afraid of?

Mermaids are unique mythical creatures that live underwater that are far from human reach. Also, they have both human-like and fish features which makes people curious about them.

Some people believe that mermaids are beautiful creatures that have the power to seduce and manipulate men. Despite their enchanting appearance, mermaids are not invincible. In addition, just like any other living creature, they have their own fears and vulnerabilities.

In this post, you will get to know some of the things that mermaids are afraid of and shed light on the mysteries of the deep.

What Are Mermaids Afraid Of?

What Are Mermaids Afraid of?

It’s natural for every living moving on this earth to have fears, including mermaids. We’ve combined a list of what mermaids are afraid of, here are some of them:

1. Humans

Mermaids are always scared of humans due to their experience with them. Mermaids believe that if they are caught by humans they will be humiliated and abused by them. Because of this, they stay far from humans and their territories.

Also, contrary to popular belief, mermaids do not have a love-hate relationship with humans. In fact, mermaids are quite fearful of humans. This fear stems from the fact that humans have been known to capture, hunt, and even kill mermaids for their own selfish purposes.

Over the years, many mermaids have witnessed the destruction that humans have wrought upon the oceans and their inhabitants. Also, they fear that we will eventually drive them and their fellow sea creatures to extinction.

2. Sharks

While mermaids are formidable swimmers, they are not immune to the dangers of the deep, especially sharks. Mermaids are afraid of sharks cause they see sharks as predators that are trying to hunt them.

This is seen in the film called “The Little Mermaid”, when Ariel tries to run from a shark. Sharks have razor-sharp teeth and lightning-fast reflexes which give them an advantage when hunting mermaids. In addition, sharks are formidable opponents even for the most skilled mermaid.

Mermaids are not defenseless, however. They possess their own unique set of skills and abilities that enable them to navigate the treacherous waters of the ocean. But even the most skilled mermaids can fall prey to the jaws of a hungry shark.

What Are Mermaids Afraid of?

3. Pollution

Just like every other living thing on earth, pollution can have a drastic effect on animals, and mermaids are not left out. As caretakers of the ocean, mermaids are deeply invested in the health and well-being of their homes.

Unfortunately, human pollution is a major threat to the delicate ecosystem of the ocean. In addition, stuff like plastic, oil spills, and other pollutants can wreak havoc on the ocean and its inhabitants.

Also, mermaids are acutely aware of this threat and fear the long-term effects that pollution can have on their underwater homes. Interestingly, mermaids have been known to take action against polluters. Humans believe that they advocate for more sustainable practices to protect the ocean.

4. Captivity

As mentioned earlier, humans have a history of capturing mermaids for their own purposes. Also, the act of catching mermaids has been seen in movies, stories, and literature. For mermaids, the thought of being trapped in a small tank or aquarium is a nightmare come true.

Interestingly, mermaids are free-spirited creatures who thrive in the open waters of the ocean. The thought of being confined to a small space is enough to make even the bravest mermaid shudder with fear.

In conclusion, sharks, humans, pollution, and captivity is what mermaids are afraid of.

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