Which Country Has Mermaid Statue?

Are you interested to know more about the mythical creatures called mermaids? Do you want to know which country has a mermaid statue? Uncover this interesting topic as you keep on reading.

Which Country Has Mermaid Statue?

Mermaids are enchanting mythical creatures that have interested many people all over the world. Many people and cultures have their own stories about this mythical being.

Also, because of how the stories attract people from all over the world, some countries have erected statues of mermaids in honor of them. In this post, we will let you know the countries that have mermaid statues.

Which Country Has Mermaid Statue?

The stories that are centered around mermaids have cut across various parts of the world, from Asia to Europe to America. Most of the mermaid statues serve as cultural symbols and tourist attractions, drawing visitors from all over the world.

Here are countries that have mermaid statues:


Which Country Has Mermaid Statue?

Denmark is the country that has the highest number of mermaid statues in the world. Interestingly, the country is well-known for the famous Little Mermaid statue, which was erected in Denmark, Copenhagen, Carlsberg Breweries, and, Tivoli Gardens in 1913.

Also, the Little Mermaid statue was inspired by a well-known author named Hans Christian Andersen, who was born in Denmark. Also, it is said that there are other mermaid statues which are scattered around Denmark. If you are looking for where to get enough mermaid statue pictures Denmark is the right country to go to.


Mermaid of Warsaw statue

In Poland, there are different locations at which you can mermaid statues. The city of Warsaw is home to the Mermaid of Warsaw statue. Also, the mermaid statue in Warsaw has become a symbol of the city.

In addition, the statue depicts a mermaid holding a sword and shield, and legend has it that the mermaid protected the city and its inhabitants from harm.

Also, some cultures and places in Poland have a strong belief in the mermaid and the Warsaw statue serves as a way of honoring mermaids.


Which Country Has Mermaid Statue?

This is another country that has mermaid statues. In Brazil, the city of Balneário Camboriú is home to a giant mermaid statue that stands over 30 meters tall. Also, the statue was erected in 2017 and has become a popular tourist attraction in the region. 

In Brazil, there is a replica of Denmark’s The Little Mermaid in Brasilia. Also, this state is located at Brazil’s Navy Headquarters, it serves as an appreciation of the Brazilian navy courtesies when visiting Denmark.

In addition, there is another mermaid statue in Praia de Sereia, a beach near Espirito Santo in the south of Brazil. 

Lastly, there is a unique mermaid statue which is located at the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro. Interestingly, there are at least four mermaid statues that Brazilians used to honor the mermaids.


Which Country Has Mermaid Statue?

The town of Fujisawa in Japan is home to a unique mermaid statue that is located on the ocean floor. Interestingly, the statue was created to commemorate the town’s history as a center for pearl diving and a popular destination for scuba divers. 

Also, two mermaid statues are located inside Wasaka Bay in the Sea of Japan. Interestingly, there are two mermaid statues were installed in April 1976 as part of an upgrade and renovation of the area.

United States

Mermaid statue in USA


In the United States, there are different locations where mermaid statues are erected. Also, a mermaid statue was erected in the city of Norfolk which is called the Mermaid Factory.

It is a gift shop and art studio that specializes in mermaid-themed art and merchandise. Interestingly, this mermaid statue was erected in 2018 as part of a public art project.

In addition, other locations in the United States with mermaid statues are California, Glendale, Solvang, Connecticut, and Greenwich. Also, other locations where the mermaid statue is found are Iowa, Kimballton, Michigan, Greenville, Utah, and Salt Lake City, which is the International Peace Gardens.

In conclusion, mermaid statues can be found in various parts of the world. Places like Denmark’s Little Mermaid, and Poland’s Mermaid of Warsaw.

Also, there are other places like Brazil’s giant mermaid statue, Japan’s underwater mermaid statue, and the Mermaid Factory in Norfolk. Interestingly, all these statues serve as symbols of the culture and tourist attractions.

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