54 Mermaid Names Ideas: Mythical Mermaid Names for Boys and Girls

Mermaids are beautiful creatures that exist on water, mostly in seas and oceans. Mermaids are mostly unique for their cute and attractive names. Keep reading to pick some cute mermaid names.

Mermaid Names Ideas

Mermaids have been a part of folklore and mythologies worldwide for centuries. From ancient Greek sirens to the popular Disney character Ariel, mermaids have captured the imaginations of people for generations.

Mermaid’s alluring beauty and mysterious nature have continued to be a popular subject in literature, art, and pop culture.

Most persons are like picking a name that is related to sea creatures like mermaids. This is because mermaid names are known to be attractive.

Types of Mermaid Names

Mermaid Names Ideas

Mermaid names are classified because of where they originated from. Some mermaid names are classified according to their traditional and modern meaning.

Also, some mermaid names are inspired by mythology and folklore. Some people pick mermaid names because of their personalities and individual tastes. When you choose a mermaid name, you can pick it according to its meaning.

Mermaid Name Meanings

Mermaid Name Meanings

Mermaid names are popular not just because of their association with mythical creatures, but also because of their unique and often ethereal sound.

Also, they are popular because they involve sea elements, such as waves, shells, and pearls. Most of these elements inspire many mermaid names.

Some mermaid names are also associated with qualities such as grace, beauty, and strength, which are all traits that people admire and aspire to possess.

Here are some mermaid names and their meaning:

1. Asherah (Semitic) – “She who walks in the sea”

2. Ava (Latin) – “Water”

3. Adella (German) – “Noble; one of Ariel’s sisters in The Little Mermaid”

4. Aerwyna (English) – “Friend of the sea”

5. Amatheia (Greek) – “Nurses of fish”

6. Andrina (Greek) – “Strong; Ariel’s sister in The Little Mermaid”

7. Aqua (Latin) – “Water”

8. Ariel (Hebrew) – “Lion of God; Star of The Little Mermaid”

9. Arista (Latin) – “Harvest; One of Ariel’s sisters in The Little Mermaid”

10. Brizo (Greek) – “Goddess of fishermen and sailors”

11. Calypso (Greek) – “Sea nymph; Conceal or hide”

12. Cascade (French) – “Waterfall”

13. Cleodora (Greek) – “Naiad; Daughter of a river god”

14. Cora (Greek) – “Like coral”

15. Coralia (Greek) – “Like coral”

16. Cordelia (Latin, Celtic) – “Heart; Daughter of the sea”

17. Daryah (Persian) “Sea”

18. Delphine (French) – “Dolphin; Woman from Delphi”

19. Doris (Greek) – “Sea goddess”

20. Galia (Hebrew) – “Wave”

21. Kai (Hawaiian) – “Sea”

22. Kailani (Hawaiian) – “Sea and sky”

23. Lamina (Basque) – “Water nymph”

24. Lana (Hawaiian) – “Calm as still waters” 

25. Lorelei (German) – “Alluring; temptress”

26. Madison (Norse) – “One from the sea”

27. Maisie (Scottish) – “Pearl”

28. Maribelle (English) – “Star of the sea”

29. Marin (Irish) – “Star of the sea”

30. Marina (Latin) – “Of the sea” 

31. Marni (Latin) – “From the sea”

32. Mazu (Chinese) – “Water goddess; protector of sailors”

33. Melusine (French) – “Female spirit of fresh water in a holy well or river”

34. Miriam (Hebrew) – “Of the sea; bitter” 

35. Muirgen (Irish) – “Born of the sea”

36. Muriel (English) – “Bright sea”

37. Molly (English) – “Of the sea; bitterness” 

38. Morvoren (Cornish) – “Mermaid”

39. Muireann (Irish) – “Sea white; Sea fair”

40. Myrla (English) – “Shining sea”

41. Naia (Basque) – “Wave; Sea foam”

42. Naida (Greek) – “Water nymph”

43. Nerida (Greek) – “Sea nymph; Mermaid”

44. Nerissa (Greek) – “From the sea”

45. Nixie (German) – “Water nymph”

46. Oceane (French) – “Ocean”

47. Ondine (Latin) – “Little wave”

48. Pearl (Hebrew) “Ocean jewel” 

49. Polly (Latin) – “Star of the sea”

50. Romy (Latin) – “Dew of the sea”

51. Rusalka (Slavic) – “Mermaid; water nymph”

52. Sabrina (Celtic) – “River goddess”

53. Sereia (Portuguese) – “Mermaid”

54. Undine (Latin) – “Little wave”

In conclusion, mermaid names are an important aspect of the mermaid mythos, adding to their mysterious and magical nature. You can choose to explore the many types of names that exist, there is no shortage of inspiration when it comes to mermaid names.

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