300+ Beautiful and Powerful Goddess Names: Spiritual Names

Do you want to discover an enchanting collection of beautiful and powerful goddess names that evoke the essence of the divine feminine? From ancient mythology to modern symbolism, explore the significance and inspiration behind these names. Keep reading to uncover the stories of goddesses from various cultures and their empowering qualities.

Beautiful Goddess Names 

The stories and significance of goddesses have captivated cultures across the world for centuries.

These powerful, divine figures represent aspects of femininity that range from creation to strength and wisdom.

In this article, we delve into a comprehensive list of beautiful and powerful goddess names that resonate with the essence of the divine feminine.

From myths to modern inspirations, let’s explore the stories and attributes that make these names truly special.

Beautiful and Powerful Goddess Names 

Beautiful Goddess Names 

  1. Aelia – Latin goddess of the sun.
  2. Agni – Hindu goddess of fire.
  3. Aine – Celtic goddess of love and fertility.
  4. Alcyone – Greek goddess of calm seas.
  5. Aletheia – Greek goddess of truth.
  6. Althaea – Greek goddess of healing.
  7. Amalthea – Greek goddess of nourishment.
  8. Ambika – Hindu goddess of motherhood.
  9. Amrita – Hindu goddess of immortality.
  10. Anahita – Persian goddess of water and fertility.
  11. Antheia – Greek goddess of blossoms.
  12. Aphrodite – Greek goddess of love and beauty.
  13. Arianrhod – Celtic goddess of the moon.
  14. Artemis – Greek goddess of the hunt and wilderness.
  15. Asherah – Canaanite goddess of fertility and motherhood.
  16. Athena – Greek goddess of wisdom and courage.
  17. Aurora – Roman goddess of dawn.
  18. Bastet – Egyptian goddess of home and protection.
  19. Bellona – Roman goddess of war.
  20. Benten – Japanese goddess of luck and beauty.
  21. Brigid – Celtic goddess of healing and poetry.
  22. Calypso – Greek goddess of the sea.
  23. Ceres – Roman goddess of agriculture.
  24. Chalchiuhtlicue – Aztec goddess of water.
  25. Cybele – Phrygian goddess of nature and fertility.
  26. Damara – Greek goddess of fertility.
  27. Danu – Celtic goddess of rivers and fertility.
  28. Demeter – Greek goddess of harvest and seasons.
  29. Devi – Hindu goddess representing divine feminine energy.
  30. Durga – Hindu goddess of strength and protection.
  31. Eirene – Greek goddess of peace.
  32. Epona – Celtic goddess of horses.
  33. Ereshkigal – Sumerian goddess of the underworld.
  34. Esmera – Yoruba goddess of destiny.
  35. Eulalia – Greek goddess of eloquence.
  36. Eurydice – Greek goddess of music and poetry.
  37. Freyja – Norse goddess of love and fertility.
  38. Frigg – Norse goddess of marriage and motherhood.
  39. Gaia – Greek goddess of the Earth.

Powerful Goddess Names

  1. Hecate – Greek goddess of magic and crossroads.
  2. Hel – Norse goddess of the underworld.
  3. Hera – Greek goddess of marriage and family.
  4. Hestia – Greek goddess of home and hearth.
  5. Iduna – Norse goddess of youth and rejuvenation.
  6. Inanna – Sumerian goddess of love and fertility.
  7. Ixchel – Mayan goddess of fertility and weaving.
  8. Izanami – Japanese goddess of creation and death.
  9. Juno – Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth.
  10. Kali – Hindu goddess of destruction and transformation.
  11. Kuan Yin – Chinese goddess of compassion.
  12. Lakshmi – Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity.
  13. Lilith – Mesopotamian goddess of independence.
  14. Ma’at – Egyptian goddess of truth and justice.
  15. Macha – Celtic goddess of war and sovereignty.
  16. Mawu – African goddess of creation and moon.
  17. Medusa – Greek goddess of protection and wisdom.
  18. Minerva – Roman goddess of wisdom and strategy.
  19. Morrigan – Celtic goddess of war and sovereignty.
  20. Nammu – Sumerian goddess of creation and primeval waters.
  21. Nephthys – Egyptian goddess of protection and lamentation.
  22. Nike – Greek goddess of victory.
  23. Ninhursag – Sumerian goddess of fertility and nature.
  24. Nut – Egyptian goddess of the sky and stars.
  25. Oshun – Yoruba goddess of love and fertility.
  26. Ostara – Germanic goddess of spring and dawn.
  27. Parvati – Hindu goddess of love and devotion.
  28. Pele – Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes.
  29. Persephone – Greek goddess of the underworld and seasons.
  30. Pomona – Roman goddess of fruit and orchards.
  31. Rhea – Greek goddess of motherhood and fertility.
  32. Saraswati – Hindu goddess of knowledge and arts.
  33. Selene – Greek goddess of the moon.
  34. Sekhmet – Egyptian goddess of war and healing.
  35. Seshat – Egyptian goddess of writing and wisdom.
  36. Shakti – Hindu goddess of divine energy and power.
  37. Skadi – Norse goddess of winter and mountains.
  38. Sif – Norse goddess of fertility and grain.
  39. Sophia – Gnostic goddess of wisdom.
  40. Tara – Tibetan goddess of compassion and protection.
  41. Themis – Greek goddess of divine law and order.
  42. Uzume – Shinto goddess of joy and laughter.
  43. Vesta – Roman goddess of hearth and home.
  44. Xi Wangmu – Chinese goddess of immortality.
  45. Yemaya – Yoruba goddess of the ocean and motherhood.
  46. Zephyr – Greek goddess of the west wind.

Spiritual Goddess Names

  1. Ailith – Celtic goddess of healing and transformation.
  2. Amaterasu – Japanese goddess of the sun and universe.
  3. Ananke – Greek goddess of inevitability and necessity.
  4. Angharad – Welsh goddess of love and divination.
  5. Arduinna – Gaulish goddess of forests and wildlife.
  6. Arianrhod – Welsh goddess of fertility and the moon.
  7. Ashi – Zoroastrian goddess of truth and order.
  8. Atalanta – Greek goddess of hunting and independence.
  9. Aveta – Gallo-Roman goddess of motherhood and nursing.
  10. Belisama – Celtic goddess of light and craftsmanship.
  11. Bhuvaneshwari – Hindu goddess of the universe.
  12. Cerridwen – Celtic goddess of transformation and rebirth.
  13. Chalchiuhtlicue – Aztec goddess of water and rivers.
  14. Chiyou – Chinese goddess of rain and battles.
  15. Chokhmah – Kabbalistic goddess of wisdom and understanding.
  16. Coventina – Romano-British goddess of springs and wells.
  17. Cylell – Welsh goddess of weather and storms.
  18. Dôn – Welsh mother goddess of fertility and earth.
  19. Domnu – Celtic goddess of the Fomorians and sea.
  20. Eponine – Greek goddess of love and selflessness.
  21. Eriu – Irish goddess of sovereignty and land.
  22. Eutychia – Greek goddess of prosperity and success.
  23. Fodla – Irish goddess of wisdom and fertility.
  24. Fulla – Norse goddess of abundance and secrets.
  25. Grainne – Irish goddess of love and summer.
  26. Guanyin – Chinese goddess of compassion and mercy.
  27. Hestia Caelistis – Phoenician goddess of the home and family.
  28. Huixtocihuatl – Aztec goddess of salt and fertility.
  29. Iduna – Norse goddess of rejuvenation and youth.
  30. Ixazaluoh – Maya goddess of the rainbow and abundance.
  31. Jiutian Xuannü – Chinese goddess of war and longevity.
  32. Juturna – Roman goddess of fountains and wells.
  33. Kishijoten – Japanese goddess of beauty and happiness.
  34. Labrys – Minoan symbol of feminine divinity.

Rare Goddess Names

  1. Levanah – Hebrew goddess of the moon.
  2. Macha – Irish goddess of war and sovereignty.
  3. Madri – Hindu goddess of motherhood and sacrifice.
  4. Maman Brigitte – Vodou goddess of death and cemeteries.
  5. Marzanna – Slavic goddess of winter and death.
  6. Meenakshi – Hindu goddess with fish-shaped eyes.
  7. Menrva – Etruscan goddess of wisdom and war.
  8. Mielikki – Finnish goddess of forests and animals.
  9. Mnemosyne – Greek goddess of memory and remembrance.
  10. Modron – Welsh goddess of motherhood and the earth.
  11. Mokosh – Slavic goddess of fertility and earth.
  12. Nehalennia – Celtic-Germanic goddess of trade and sea.
  13. Niamh – Irish goddess of beauty and youth.
  14. Ninsun – Sumerian goddess of wisdom and dreams.
  15. Nüwa – Chinese goddess of creation and humanity.
  16. Oba – Yoruba goddess of rivers and healing.
  17. Olwen – Welsh goddess of sunlight and flowers.
  18. Palden Lhamo – Tibetan goddess of protection and fearlessness.
  19. Peitho – Greek goddess of persuasion and seduction.
  20. Pukkeenegak – Inuit goddess of the dawn.
  21. Qadesh – Canaanite goddess of love and sensuality.
  22. Qetesh – Egyptian goddess of love and beauty.
  23. Radegast – Slavic goddess of hospitality and fertility.
  24. Ratri – Hindu goddess of night and dusk.
  25. Renpet – Egyptian goddess of time and year.
  26. Rosmerta – Celtic goddess of abundance and prosperity.
  27. Sahya – Hindu goddess of mountains and strength.
  28. Sati – Hindu goddess of marital devotion and sacrifice.
  29. Seshat – Egyptian goddess of writing and wisdom.
  30. Shashthi – Hindu goddess of childbirth and children.
  31. Sopdet – Egyptian goddess of the star Sirius.
  32. Styx – Greek goddess of the river Styx and oaths.
  33. Tefnut – Egyptian goddess of moisture and rain.
  34. Thalia – Greek goddess of festivity and good cheer.
  35. Theia – Greek goddess of sight and heavenly light.
  36. Themis – Greek goddess of divine law and order.
  37. Thesan – Etruscan goddess of the dawn.
  38. Umay – Turkic goddess of fertility and motherhood.
  39. Vajrayogini – Tibetan goddess of spiritual transformation.
  40. Varuni – Hindu goddess of wine and spirits.
  41. Velesnica – Slavic goddess of cattle and prosperity.
  42. Vinayaki – Hindu goddess of humility and wisdom.
  43. Viviane – Arthurian goddess of the Lady of the Lake.
  44. Xihe – Chinese goddess of the sun.
  45. Yhi – Australian Aboriginal goddess of the sun.
  46. Zemyna – Baltic goddess of the earth and fertility.

In conclusion, embracing the beauty and power of goddess names is a celebration of the divine feminine.

From Aphrodite’s allure to Durga’s courage, each name carries a unique essence. If you are seeking inspiration for naming a child or simply wish to connect with the spirit of these goddesses, these names resonate with timeless qualities that continue to inspire and empower.

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