What are Mermaids Weaknesses?

Have you been searching for rare facts about mermaids? Do you want to know what are mermaid’s weaknesses? Discover the weaknesses of mermaids in this comprehensive article. Also, as you keep on reading, you will get to know their susceptibility to silver to their aversion to loud noises and learn everything you need to know about these mystical beings.

What are Mermaids Weaknesses?

The stories of mermaids have been existing for centuries and they are known for their unique appearance. Mermaids are usually mythical sea creatures with half-human and half-fish bodies.

According to legends, this sea creature has incredible powers and abilities which enable them to lure humans. Also, they lure humans with their stunning beauty and seductive voice.

However, like all creatures, mermaids have their weaknesses. In this post, we will explore the vulnerabilities of mermaids and what makes them susceptible to certain things. 

What Are Mermaids Weaknesses?

What are Mermaids Weaknesses?

There few weaknesses that mermaids have that make them vulnerable, here are a few of them:

1. Silver

One of the most well-known weaknesses of mermaids is their vulnerability to silver. According to folklore, mermaids cannot tolerate silver, and exposure to it can weaken or even kill them.

Although, it is unclear why mermaids are sensitive to silver. Some theories suggest that it has to do with the metal’s purity and connection to the moon, which also affects the tides.

2. Loud Noises

Mermaids are also susceptible to loud noises, particularly those that occur underwater. Since mermaids rely heavily on their acute hearing to navigate and communicate, loud noises can disorient them and cause them to lose their sense of direction.

Moreover, loud noises can also disrupt their ability to sing and understand. Interestingly, the mermaid’s melodic songs are a crucial aspect of their communication and seduction tactics.

3. Lack of Water

As half-fish creatures, mermaids require a constant supply of water to survive. Being out of the water for an extended period is not good for them. Lack of water can cause them to become weak and dehydrated, eventually leading to their demise.

Therefore, mermaids are vulnerable to dehydration and require access to water at all times. Without water, mermaids can’t reproduce, eat and survive. If they don’t have access to water, they are vulnerable and are likely to die.

4. Iron

This is one of the weaknesses of mermaids. Similar to their weakness in silver, mermaids are also sensitive to iron. Exposure to iron can weaken mermaids and render their abilities useless.

Again, the reason for this sensitivity is unclear, but some theories suggest that iron disrupts the magnetic fields that mermaids use for navigation and communication. 

5. Exposure to Salt

While mermaids require water to survive, they cannot tolerate too much salt. Exposure to saltwater can cause mermaids to become weak and disoriented. It could affect the appearance of their skin, which sometimes leads to their demise.

Therefore, mermaids must find a balance between freshwater and saltwater. Exposure to too much salt can be detrimental to their health.

What Makes Mermaids Susceptible?

What Makes Mermaids Susceptible?

Mermaids have a unique physiology that differs from both humans and fish. Therefore, they are vulnerable to different things that can affect either their human or fish-like traits.

Mermaids are also sensitive to their environment, particularly the water they live in. Water pollution, temperature changes, and underwater noises can all affect their well-being and weaken their abilities.

Also, Mermaids are susceptible to the same types of illnesses and injuries as humans, such as cuts, bruises, and infections.

By now you must have gotten full knowledge of the weaknesses of mermaids. Also, you can use their weaknesses to protect yourself from them.

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