50+ Star Names for Girl: Cosmos and Galaxy Names

Do you want to discover the enchanting world of star names and their significance? Keep reading to have a beautiful collection of star names you can use for yourself and for people close to you.

Star Names for Girl

In the vast expanse of the night sky, stars have captured the imagination of humanity for eons.

Beyond their astronomical importance, stars also hold cultural, mythological, and historical significance.

In this comprehensive article, we delve into the realm of star names, uncovering their meanings.

If you are wondering which star names to pick, keep reading to get a collection of beautiful star names.

Star Names for Girl

  1. Stella – Meaning “star,” a classic name symbolizing brightness and beauty.
  2. Nova – Referring to a “new star,” representing new beginnings and uniqueness.
  3. Astra – Latin for “star,” embodying celestial wonder and radiance.
  4. Lyra – Named after the constellation, symbolizing harmony and lyrical beauty.
  5. Celeste – Meaning “heavenly” or “celestial,” evoking a sense of divine grace.
  6. Orion – Named after the famous constellation, denoting strength and brilliance.
  7. Seren – Welsh for “star,” reflecting luminosity and serenity.
  8. Elara – A moon of Jupiter, conveying elegance and cosmic charm.
  9. Vega – The brightest star in the Lyra constellation, signifying high visibility and radiance.
  10. Luna – Latin for “moon,” embodying feminine energy and illumination.
  11. Andromeda – Named after a constellation and a mythological princess, representing courage and beauty.
  12. Cassiopeia – After the constellation and queen of Greek mythology, symbolizing regal elegance.
  13. Estelle – A variation of “Estella,” meaning “star” and representing beauty and light.
  14. Maris – Meaning “of the sea,” reflecting the mystique of both the stars and oceans.
  15. Selena – Derived from “Selene,” the Greek moon goddess, embodying lunar grace.
  16. Alula – A star in Ursa Major, representing inspiration and guiding light.
  17. Aurora – Named after the Northern and Southern Lights, symbolizing beauty and dawn.
  18. Danica – Meaning “morning star,” suggesting a new day and potential.
  19. Caelum – Latin for “sky” or “heavens,” evoking vastness and majesty.
  20. Aeliana – A variation of “Eliana,” meaning “sun,” signifying warmth and brightness.
  21. Sapphira – Greek for “sapphire,” reflecting the brilliance and depth of a precious gem.
  22. Celestia – Meaning “heavenly” or “divine,” representing ethereal beauty.
  23. Bellatrix – Named after a star in Orion, conveying strength and determination.
  24. Seraphina – Derived from “seraphim,” angelic beings associated with light and fire.
  25. Zephyr – A gentle breeze, symbolizing a soft and airy presence.
  26. Astrid – Meaning “divine strength,” embodying a celestial and powerful nature.
  27. Orion – Named after the famous constellation, symbolizing strength and brilliance.
  28. Estella – Derived from “estrella,” meaning “star,” representing radiance and beauty.
  29. Nova – Referring to a “new star,” symbolizing new beginnings and uniqueness.
  30. Elowen – Cornish for “elm tree,” representing growth and connection to nature.
  31. Astraia – Meaning “star,” reflecting celestial elegance and grace.
  32. Lyric – Symbolizing musical beauty and the poetic essence of the stars.
  33. Aelara – A celestial name with a melodic charm, suggesting brightness.
  34. Serenity – Evoking a sense of peace and calm, like the night sky.
  35. Vega – The brightest star in the Lyra constellation, signifying high visibility and radiance.
  36. Luna – Latin for “moon,” embodying feminine energy and illumination.
  37. Cyra – A name with a celestial ring, suggesting radiance and charm.
  38. Alcyone – A star in the Pleiades cluster, symbolizing tranquility and serenity.
  39. Cassia – Derived from “cassia,” a fragrant spice, suggesting allure and sweetness.
  40. Danika – Meaning “morning star,” symbolizing new beginnings and hope.
  41. Stella – Meaning “star,” embodying luminosity and brilliance.
  42. Andra – A shortened form of “Andromeda,” symbolizing courage and beauty.
  43. Marcella – Derived from “Mars,” the Roman god of war, suggesting strength.
  44. Aurora – Named after the Northern and Southern Lights, representing beauty and dawn.
  45. Selene – After the Greek moon goddess, symbolizing lunar grace and elegance.
  46. Nova – Referring to a “new star,” signifying new beginnings and uniqueness.

Beautiful Star Names

  1. Astraea – Named after the Greek goddess of justice and innocence, embodying purity.
  2. Caeli – A modern variant of “Caelum,” meaning “sky” or “heavens.”
  3. Celestina – A feminine form of “Celestine,” meaning “heavenly” or “divine.”
  4. Elaria – A unique blend of “Elara” and “aria,” suggesting a melodious celestial presence.
  5. Elysia – Inspired by Elysium, a paradise in Greek mythology, symbolizing heavenly beauty.
  6. Halcyon – After the halcyon bird, associated with calm and tranquility, like starry nights.
  7. Marista – A creative combination of “Maris” and “star,” representing the sea and the cosmos.
  8. Nysa – Named after a mountain in Greek mythology, symbolizing a serene and celestial peak.
  9. Soleia – Derived from “soleil,” the French word for “sun,” suggesting radiance and warmth.
  10. Thalia – After the Greek muse of comedy and idyllic poetry, embodying creative beauty.
  11. Zara – A name of Arabic origin meaning “star,” representing celestial brilliance.
  12. Amalthea – Named after a moon of Jupiter, symbolizing nurturing and protection.
  13. Bellisima – Italian for “most beautiful,” reflecting stunning and exquisite charm.
  14. Calypso – Named after a nymph in Greek mythology, symbolizing enchanting beauty.
  15. Elune – Inspired by the moon goddess in certain fantasy lore, embodying lunar grace.
  16. Evania – A name suggesting “brightness” or “clarity,” reminiscent of starlight.
  17. Farida – An Arabic name meaning “unique” or “precious,” evoking individual radiance.
  18. Isra – A name of Arabic origin meaning “night journey,” resonating with celestial wonder.
  19. Kalinda – Sanskrit for “sun,” symbolizing luminosity and warmth.
  20. Luciana – Derived from “Lucius,” meaning “light,” reflecting brilliance and radiance.
  21. Mira – After the star “Mira” in the constellation Cetus, representing wonder and amazement.
  22. Nyx – Named after the Greek goddess of the night, embodying the allure of starlit skies.
  23. Roshan – An Urdu name meaning “bright” or “radiant,” capturing the essence of stars.
  24. Selene – After the Greek moon goddess, symbolizing lunar grace and elegance.
  25. Tala – A name of Filipino origin meaning “star,” embodying celestial beauty.
  26. Vela – Named after a constellation, symbolizing the sails of a ship and celestial exploration.
  27. Zara – A name of Arabic origin meaning “star,” representing celestial brilliance.
  28. Zenith – Referring to the point directly above, symbolizing the peak of celestial beauty.
  29. Ayla – Meaning “moonlight” in Hebrew, embodying the soft glow of the moon.
  30. Belladonna – Meaning “beautiful woman,” symbolizing enchantment and allure.
  31. Calista – Derived from “Callista,” meaning “most beautiful” or “most lovely.”
  32. Elidi – A name suggesting “radiant” or “bright,” capturing the allure of stars.

Famous Star Names

  1. Elyra – A creative twist on “Lyra,” embodying the harmonious beauty of the cosmos.
  2. Faina – Meaning “shining” or “bright” in Russian, reflecting radiant luminosity.
  3. Idalia – After the Greek mountain “Ida,” symbolizing celestial elevation and beauty.
  4. Kalani – Hawaiian for “the heavens,” embodying the vastness and beauty of the sky.
  5. Lucasta – A poetic name derived from “lux” (light) and “casta” (pure), suggesting luminous purity.
  6. Mystral – Inspired by the gentle mistral wind, symbolizing a soft and airy presence.
  7. Serenella – A diminutive of “Seren,” meaning “star,” evoking a gentle luminosity.
  8. Tindra – Swedish for “sparkle” or “twinkle,” reflecting the glimmering beauty of stars.
  9. Vesper – Referring to the evening star, symbolizing the enchantment of twilight.
  10. Zara – A name of Arabic origin meaning “star,” representing celestial brilliance.
  11. Aelani – A Hawaiian name meaning “chief” or “leader,” embodying a radiant presence.
  12. Bellavista – Italian for “beautiful view,” suggesting an awe-inspiring celestial sight.
  13. Celine – Meaning “heavenly,” suggesting a celestial and graceful presence.
  14. Elysian – Derived from Elysium, symbolizing heavenly and idyllic beauty.
  15. Isolde – After the legendary figure in Arthurian legend, embodying romantic and ethereal allure.
  16. Kira – A name of Russian origin meaning “beam of light,” reflecting luminous beauty.
  17. Lunaire – French for “lunar,” embodying the enchantment of the moon.
  18. Mystique – Suggesting an air of mystery and enchantment, like the stars above.

In conclusion, as we gaze up at the night sky, it’s remarkable to consider the stories and significance behind each twinkling star.

Star names, whether rooted in ancient mythology or modern creativity, connect us to the vast universe and its mysteries.

From the historical tapestry of cultural names to the scientific precision of astronomical designations, star names offer a bridge between human imagination and the celestial realm.

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