Siren: Blood Curse (New Translation)

Are you a fan of Siren video games? Do you want to know more about Blood Curse and its characters? Keep reading to know the gameplay, characters, and plot of Blood Curse.

Siren: Blood Curse (New Translation)

Siren: Blood Curse is a video game that falls under the survival horror genre and involves stealth-based gameplay. Interestingly, this video game was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment’s Japan Studio. The game was specifically for the PlayStation 3 console. In Japan, the game is known as Siren: New Translation.

Also, Blood Curse is a renewal of the original Siren game, with significant changes to both the structure and content. The game incorporates many of the gameplay improvements found in Forbidden Siren 2.

The game’s story begins on August 3, 2007, and focuses on a television crew. These were crews from America that had traveled to Japan. In addition, the crew’s mission is to investigate and document the legend of Hanuda.

The Legend of Hanuda was a village that had disappeared thirty years prior. According to local lore, human sacrifices had been made in Hanuda.


The game has changed the way it tells its story. The old way of navigating the game called the Link Navigator is gone. Also, the new way is simpler and more straightforward, with twelve episodes that follow a timeline. Each episode has different characters and situations that connect with each other.

The sight jack system, which lets you see through the eyes of other characters, is still there. But now it happens automatically, and you can still play normally. The camera follows your character from behind, and you use different buttons on the controller to interact with the world.

You can accidentally knock over objects that make noise and attract enemies. You can block doors to stop enemies from getting in, and you can move while defending yourself. Some weapons can take out enemies in one hit.

The Archives section of the game has more stuff than before. You can listen to audio and watch videos that give you more background on the story. You can also look at all the weapons you find in the game.


In 1976, a mountain village in Japan called Hanuda was destroyed by a big landslide. Many years later, an American TV crew goes to the abandoned village to see if any ghosts or strange things are happening there.

The people who are there have to try to stay alive in the village, even though it’s a really scary and dangerous place. There are monsters called Shibito and they have to fight against them. There’s also a powerful alien god that’s being summoned.

If you want to learn more about the game, you can check out the Archives section. It has audio and video files that tell you more about the story. You can also see all the different weapons you can use in the game.


Howard Wright: He was drawn to the village by an unexpected email from Sam Monroe. When Howard Wright arrives in the village, they interrupt a ritual. This makes a Shibito policeman chase after them.

1. Sam Monroe: The character is a professor who used to be married to Melissa and has a daughter named Bella. Also, he figures out why the curse happened in Hanuda and goes back in time to 1976. 

2. Melissa Gale: Melissa is Bella’s mom and used to be married to Sam Monroe. In addition, she does something brave to protect Bella from a Shibito that’s attacking them. Later, in the video game, Melissa becomes a Shibito herself. Also, saves Bella again from another Shibito named Sol.

3. Bella Monroe: Bella is the daughter of Sam and Melissa. As the game goes on, she starts to turn into a Shibito. Then, when time rewinds, she goes back in time many years. Also, she eats the body of a dying person named Kaiko and gets cursed with living forever.

4. Seigo Saiga: He is a character that plays a doctor and was adopted by the Saiga family. In the video, he does the ritual that’s happening in the village. But later on, he helps out Howard, Sam, and Melissa.

5. Sol Jackson: He is a cameraman and is in a relationship with Melissa. In addition, he turns into a Shibito pretty fast and causes problems for the Monroes again and again.

6. Miyako: The character has special blood that stops her from turning into a Shibito. In the game, Amana needs her to do a ritual to summon Kaiko. 

7. Amana: The character is actually Bella but doesn’t remember who she is. She burns Miyako in a ritual and releases her God. 

Similar Roles

Siren: Blood Curse (New Translation)

All the characters in the game have similar roles to the original characters in the first Siren game. The game rewinds time halfway through so that the characters can replay their roles and make the game last longer. For example:

1. Howard – Kyoya Suda.

2. Amana – Hisako Yao.

3. Sam – Tamon Takeuchi, Kei Makino.

4. Melissa – Reiko Takato, Naoko Mihama, Risa Onda, Yoriko Anno.

5. Bella – Harumi Yomoda, Tomoko Maeda.

6. Sol Jackson – Mina Onda, Risa Onda, Naoko Mihama,.

7. Seigo Saiga – Akira Shimura, Kei Makino, Jun Kajiro-, Shiro Miyata,


The game was made with the North American market in mind, which is why there are fewer characters and most of them are Caucasian. Also, the voices are mostly in English, but some parts have Japanese for authenticity.

Amana and Hisako Yao are based on a Japanese folk heroine named Yaobikuni or Happyaku Bikuni, who is known for her kindness.

Howard Wright has a personal website, which you can find in the game.

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