8 Clear Signs Your Cat Trusts You

Are you trying to build trust between you and your cat recently? Do you want to know and confirm the signs that indicate your cat trusts you? If yes, then keep reading to know the major signs your cat trusts you.

Signs Your Cat Trusts You

Building trust between a cat and its owner is a subtle yet deeply rewarding process.

Cats are mostly known for their independent nature. Interestingly, they display a range of behaviors that indicate a strong bond based on trust and comfort with their human companions.

Understanding these signs can offer a unique insight into the depth of the relationship between you and your feline friend. 

Signs Your Cat Trusts You

Signs Your Cat Trusts You

Here are eight Signs Your Cat Trusts You:

1. Your Cat Often Gives You a Slow and Deliberate Blink

Have you ever noticed your cat giving you a slow, deliberate blink?

Often termed as “cat kisses” or “eye kisses,” this action is a sign of trust and affection.

When your cat blinks slowly at you, it signifies that they feel safe and relaxed in your presence.

In addition, your cat reciprocating with a slow blink can further reinforce this trusting connection.

2. Your Cat Often Exposes Its Belly to You

A cat’s belly is a vulnerable area, and when a cat exposes its belly to you, it’s a display of trust.

Also, this gesture indicates that your cat feels secure and unguarded around you.

While not all cats enjoy belly rubs, the act of showing their stomach is a positive sign of trust in their relationship with you.

3. Bringing “Gifts” or “Presents” to You

Your cat bringing you offerings such as toys, prey (even if simulated), or other objects might seem puzzling, but it’s a gesture of trust.

Cats often share these “gifts” with those they trust, akin to sharing their hunting success.

In addition, this behavior reflects their bond with you and their perception of you as part of their family.

4. Your Cat Begins Seeking Affection From You

When your cat seeks out your affection by rubbing against you, sitting on your lap, or staying close by, it’s a strong indicator of trust.

Cats seek physical contact with individuals they trust, demonstrating a desire for closeness and emotional connection means they trust you.

5. Your Cat Always Gives a Relaxed Posture 

A relaxed and unguarded posture in your presence is a clear sign of trust.

When your cat lounges or sleeps comfortably without being on high alert, it indicates that they feel safe and secure around you.

Furthermore, this behavior signifies a sense of trust and ease in their environment.

6. Your Cat Chooses to Sharing Sleep Time With You

Cats are vulnerable when they sleep, making their choice of sleeping locations significant.

If your cat chooses to nap near you or shares a sleeping space, it indicates a high level of trust.

Also, being relaxed enough to sleep in your vicinity portrays a deep sense of comfort and security.

7. Your Cat Purrs and Makes Noice Around You 

While purring is commonly associated with contentment, a cat’s purr can also indicate comfort and trust.

If your cat purrs loudly or softly when in your presence, it’s a sign of contentment and trust.

Interestingly, the vibrations from purring have been linked to stress relief, indicating your cat feels safe and at ease.

8. Your Cat Always Follow You Around

When your cat follows you around the house or mirrors your actions, it showcases their trust in you as their caregiver and provider.

Their willingness to shadow your movements is a testament to their comfort and reliance on you as a trusted companion.

In conclusion, understanding these signs of trust in your cat helps foster a stronger bond and a sense of security. Cats, known for their discerning nature, express their trust in nuanced ways.

Recognizing and acknowledging these signs can solidify the connection between you and your cat, nurturing a more profound and trusting relationship.

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