8 Clear Signs God is Calling You to Fast

Have you been having signs that signify God wants you to fast? Do you want the confirm and know the signs that indicate God is calling you to fast? If yes, keep reading to know the major signs that indicate God is telling you to Fast and learn how fasting can deepen your connection with the divine.

Signs God is Calling You to Fast

Fasting is a sacred practice that involves abstaining from food or other indulgences for a set period.

Also, it is often undertaken for spiritual reasons, such as seeking clarity, guidance, or a closer connection with the divine.

Furthermore, fasting has long been seen as a way to cleanse the body and soul.

But how do you know if it’s time to heed the call to fast?

Here, we will show you the signs that God may be urging you to embark on a fasting journey.

Signs God is Calling You to Fast

Signs God is Calling You to Fast

Here are some signs that suggest God may be calling you to fast:

1. You Start Having Intense Spiritual Hunger

Have you been experiencing a deep longing for a stronger spiritual connection with God?

If you find yourself yearning for a deeper understanding of your faith or a closer relationship with God, it could be a sign that fasting is the path to take.

2. You Start Having a Strong Inner Conviction to Fast

One of the most significant signs that God is calling you to fast is a strong inner prompting or conviction.

Furthermore, when God is calling you to fast, you will feel a deep and persistent sense that fasting is necessary for your spiritual journey, even if you cannot explain it logically.

Also, this inner prompting often serves as a powerful indication of divine guidance.

3. You Find Yourself Seeking Clarity or Guidance

If you find yourself in a period of seeking clarity, guidance, or answers to important questions in your life, it is a sign that God is calling you to fast.

Interestingly, fasting can help you draw closer to the Divine and receive insights or revelations that can provide the guidance you seek.

4. You Start Feeling Spiritually Stagnant

Sometimes, you may feel spiritually stagnant or disconnected from your faith.

Also, this feeling of spiritual dryness can be a sign that God is calling you to fast to rejuvenate your spiritual life and strengthen your connection with the Divine.

5. You Start Experiencing a Crisis or Challenge

When you encounter a crisis, challenge, or significant decision in your life, it can be a sign that God is calling you to fast.

Furthermore, fasting can serve as a means of seeking divine intervention, wisdom, and support during challenging times.

6. Receiving Messages Through Prayer or Meditation to Fast

During your prayer or meditation practices, you may receive a specific prompting or message that fasting is required as part of your spiritual journey.

Also, this can come in the form of a sudden realization or a strong sense of God’s direction.

7. You See Yourself Being Prepared for a Spiritual Task

If you sense that you are being prepared for a specific spiritual task, mission, or role, fasting may be a crucial element of this preparation.

Fasting can purify the body, mind, and spirit, making you more receptive to the guidance and empowerment needed for your mission.

8. You Start Having a Desire for a Deep Spiritual Connection With God

A deep desire for a more profound and intimate connection with God can be a clear sign that fasting is part of your spiritual calling.

In addition, fasting can create a sense of spiritual receptivity and vulnerability, allowing for a deeper communion with the Divine.

In conclusion, when you discern these signs and believe that God is calling you to fast, it’s essential to approach fasting with reverence, intention, and a spirit of humility. 

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