8 Clear Signs a Stray Cat Likes You

Do you have a stray cat that you’ve taken in? Are you wondering if your newly stray cat likes you? Keep reading to learn the signs a stray cat likes you and how to keep them.

Signs a Stray Cat Likes You

Stray cats are independent animals that can survive alone without the help of an owner.

When a stray cat displays signs of attachment or affection, it’s a moment that can truly warm the heart.

Deciphering a stray cat’s feelings can be an intricate task, given their innate cautious nature.

However, by observing their behaviors and body language, one can discern signs that hint at a burgeoning connection and affection towards you.

Signs a Stray Cat Likes You

Signs a Stray Cat Likes You

Here are the eight telltale signs that indicate a stray cat might have developed a liking for you.

1. Consistent Presence Near Your Location

One of the primary signs that a stray cat might be taking a liking to you is their consistent presence in your vicinity.

Stray cats are naturally cautious and tend to keep their distance from humans.

If a stray cat repeatedly appears near your home, workplace, or any place you frequent, they likely feel comfortable in your presence.

They may be observing you from a distance, gradually building trust and comfort with your existence.

2. Approaching or Seeking Your Contact

When a stray cat begins to approach you or initiates contact, it’s a significant indication of their growing trust.

Also, when a stray cat likes you they might cautiously approach, lingering nearby or displaying interest in interacting with you.

This could be through gentle head bumps, rubbing against your legs, or even allowing you to pet them.

Such actions signify a level of comfort and affection they’re starting to associate with your presence.

3. They communicate With You Through a Soft Voice 

Stray cats communicate not only through body language but also through vocalizations.

If a stray cat starts making soft, subtle sounds around you, they might be attempting to communicate or seek attention.

These vocal cues, which can range from quiet meows to gentle purring, demonstrate their desire for interaction and a level of comfort in your presence.

4. They Expose Their Belly to You

A stray cat exposing its belly can be a clear sign of trust and comfort.

When a cat flips onto its back, baring its belly, it’s a vulnerable position and a gesture that they feel secure around you.

In addition, it’s essential to note that not all cats will do this, and it’s crucial to respect their space if they don’t exhibit this behavior.

However, if they do, it’s a strong indicator that they feel safe and at ease in your company.

5. Bringing “Gifts” or Offerings to You 

Stray cats might bring small “gifts” as a way of showing appreciation or forming a bond.

Interestingly, these gifts can range from small items like leaves or twigs to more peculiar items like prey, often presented to you.

While this behavior might seem odd, it’s their way of displaying a sense of trust and considering you as part of their circle.

6. Staying Relaxed in Your Presence

When a stray cat remains relaxed in your presence, it’s a positive sign they like you.

Their body language, such as maintaining a comfortable posture, soft eyes, and relaxed ears, reflects their ease and acceptance of your company.

If they’re at ease enough to groom or nap in your presence, it’s a significant indicator of their growing comfort and trust.

7. You Notice Your Cat Relaxed Tail and Ear 

Observing a stray cat’s tail and ear positions can provide insight into their feelings.

A relaxed tail and ears in a neutral or slightly forward position indicate a comfortable and positive state of mind.

Additionally, a gently twitching tail or ears that slightly move forward while interacting with you demonstrate their interest and growing fondness for your presence.

8. They Break their Boundaries For You

Respecting a stray cat’s boundaries is crucial. If a stray cat breaks its boundaries for you by allowing you to come to its personal space, it means the stray cat likes you.

In conclusion, understanding a stray cat’s behavior takes time and patience. Each cat is unique, and their comfort levels vary.

Building a relationship with a stray cat is a gradual process that requires empathy and understanding.

As they continue to exhibit these signs of trust and affection, nurturing the bond through patience and kindness can lead to a mutually rewarding connection.

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