Flounder Little Mermaid: The Beloved Sidekick Fish

Are you a lover of The Little Mermaid? Do you want to know Flounder and the role he played in The Little Mermaid? Learn more about this lovable character as you keep on reading.

Flounder Little Mermaid

Flounder is a colorful and lovable character in the Disney classic called The Little Mermaid. In The Little Mermaid, Flounder is the best friend and sidekick to Ariel who is a mermaid princess.

Also, he is a tropical fish with bright yellow and blue stripes with beautiful eyes. Interestingly, he was first introduced in The Little Mermaid as Ariel’s loyal friend. He always accompanies Ariel on her adventures and also acts as a messenger.

Flounder is portrayed as being a very supportive and protective friend to Ariel. Most times he shows up helping Ariel in times of need.

In the movie, Flounder appears as a character that has a comical personality. Interestingly, he is known for providing much-needed comic relief during tense or emotional scenes.

Also, Flounder is often seen as a fish that is always scared. However, his courage and loyalty shine through in critical moments.

In this post, you will get to explore the world of Flounder. This includes his backstory, personality, and the importance of his role in The Little Mermaid.

Flounder’s Role in The Little Mermaid

Flounder Little Mermaid

Flounder plays a crucial role in Ariel’s life in The Little Mermaid. In his first appearance in The Little Mermaid, he helped Ariel escape from her father’s watchful eye.

Also, Flounder accompanied her on her journey to explore the human world. In addition, he also helps her recover important items from the shipwreck. Also, Flounder helped Ariel to defeat Ursula, the villain of the movie.

Flounder’s presence in the film provides a sense of comfort and familiarity to the audience. He is a friendly character and a supportive friend to Ariel. In addition, his character adds depth and complexity to The Little Mermaid, making it more engaging for viewers of all ages.

What kind of fish was Flounder from The Little Mermaid?

What kind of fish was Flounder from The Little Mermaid?

Many people have wondered what kind of fish is Flounder. Flounder is a type of tropical fish commonly found in coral reefs. In addition, this is a kind of fish that swims collectively and that is where the name is derived from.

In The Little Mermaid, he is a kind of fish that has a bright yellow and blue striped body. Also, Flounder has a distinctive rounded shape and large, expressive eyes.

Interestingly, his features suggest that he may be a type of tropical damselfish or butterflyfish. This kind of fish is known for its bright colors and unique shapes.

Also, in The Little Mermaid, his appearance and behavior suggest that he is a reef fish. In addition, he is often seen swimming among coral and other reef structures, which makes him one of them.

In addition, his playful personality is reminiscent of the behavior of many reef fish species.

Does Ariel Call Flounder a Guppy?

Does Ariel Call Flounder a Guppy?

Yes, there is a scene in the movie where Ariel and Flounder are swimming through a sunken ship, and Ariel refers to Flounder as a “little guppy.”

However, this scene has made a lot of people wonder if Flounder is a guppy. In addition, based on reviews and observation, Flounder is not actually a guppy.

This is because guppies are a specific species of small, freshwater fish that are typically found in aquariums. And from the kind of fish Flounder is, his type is commonly found in coral reefs.

In the scene where Ariel called Flounder guppy, it was her giving Flounder a playful nickname. Also, the term ‘guppy’ was complimenting his charm and humor.

Is Flounder a Male or Female?

Is Flounder a Male or Female?

In the Disney movie The Little Mermaid, Flounder is suggested to be a male. However, they did really specify his gender, but from his tone of voice and his behavior, he is suggested to be a male. Also, he is mostly seen associating himself with other male fish.

Some people see him as a female fish cause in creepy places he behaves timidly and nervously. 

In addition, Flounder is voiced by a male actor, Jason Marin. This is evidence to support the idea that he is male.

In the original Hans Christian Andersen fairytale, the character of Flounder is also gender-neutral. However, his gender is really important, his friendship with Ariel and his role as a loyal companion is much more important to the overall narrative.

Is Sebastian a Crab or Lobster?

Is Sebastian a Crab or Lobster?

Sebastian is believed to be a Caribbean or Jamaican crab, rather than a lobster. However, him being a crab or a Lobster is not stated in the movie or animation. 

One of the reasons that validate Sebastian being crap is his appearance. This is because he has a round body and a pair of large claws.

Also, he has several pairs of smaller legs, which are all typical features of a crab. Additionally, Sebastian’s bright red coloration and tropical accent are characteristic of Caribbean crabs.

However, there are some similarities between crabs and lobsters. Also, there are enough differences in their anatomy and behavior to suggest that Sebastian is more likely a crab.

Why is a Flounder Called a Flounder?

Why is a Flounder Called a Flounder?

Flounder is called a Flounder because the name refers to a group of flatfish species commonly found in oceans. Also, the name “flounder” comes from the Old English word “flōdrian,” which means “to float” or “to swim.”

Interestingly, he is called Flounder because flounders have a flat body shape. In addition, their flat body allows them to rest on the bottom of the ocean.

Also, flounders have both eyes on one side of their body. This helps them to see prey and predators while they are lying on the bottom.

They have trimmed kinds of fish, they flatten their bodies so that they can hide in the sand or mud.

In conclusion, Flounder is an integral part of The Little Mermaid story and has become a beloved character in popular culture. His loyalty, courage, and comical personality have endeared him to audiences of all ages.

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