What is the Best Mystery Thriller?

Do you love films that involve solving a crime or puzzle? Do you want to know ‘what are the best mystery thriller’? If yes, then keep reading to find out the best mystery thriller that will leave you with a memory.

What is the Best Mystery Thriller?

Sometimes we get bored and feel like nothing is exciting anymore. Interestingly, the best way to snap us out of it is to watch a movie that switches on all of our different senses. 

Also, the best thriller mystery movies are the ones that make us feel like we’re right in the middle of the story like we’re the protagonist.

Interestingly, some great movies can be hard to find nowadays, but they can still be fun to watch. If you ever feel like you need to take a break from your normal life, put on a movie and feel like you’re really in the story.

Since you’ve got a brief introduction to mystery thriller films, let’s move to the main topic ‘what is the best mystery thriller?’.

What is the Best Mystery Thriller?

What is the Best Mystery Thriller?

There are several mystery films that have trilled a lot of people. We carefully select the best mystery thriller that you can add to your collection of movies.

Here is the list of the top best mystery thrillers:

1. The Da Vinci Code (2006)

The Da Vinci Code (2006)

In this movie, a symbologist named Jack is on a wild goose chase to find an ancient sect that may have a secret.

Also, in The Da Vinci Code, Tom Hanks is a great choice for the role of Robert Langdon because he has a very calm, academic demeanor. The strong plot and good adaptation make this movie one of the must-watch thrillers of our time. In addition, the film is riveting and gripping.

Also, it shines a light on some of the ancient religious practices that have found their way into the modern world.

2. Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl (2014)

The movie starts with a husband trying to find his wife who has gone missing. He finds out that she has been lied to and has been involved in some sort of betrayal. This leads to unexpected events that you never would have guessed.

Interestingly, the movie is about a group of people who try to live normal lives but are constantly disturbed by the strange and macabre things happening around them.

Also, the actors in the film played their parts very carefully. They made it seem like they fit in with the characters in the novel. This story is really shocking and makes you think about your own life.

3. Se7en (1995)

Se7en (1995)

Se7en is a movie about a serial killer who is on a killing spree. Also, in the movie two detectives are trying to figure out who the killer is and what evidence they have.

The detectives’ personal lives get in the way, and they don’t know if they can catch the killer. Interestingly, Se7en is suspenseful and exciting, and the on-screen chemistry between Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman is really cool.

4. Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

Hercule Poirot is coming home from a trip when an American businessman is murdered on his train. Everyone on the train is a suspect, and Poirot is trying to figure out who did it in this crime mystery movie.

Interestingly, this 2017 movie is directed and acted brilliantly by Kenneth Branaugh. It has a lot of interesting characters, and it’s exciting to watch. Also, the movie was well-made, and it never stopped being thrilling.

5. Shutter Island (2010)

Shutter Island (2010)

This movie is designed to make you question what you believe. It is shocking and will keep you engaged. However, it is not a light watch and is best watched when you have the time to process all that it has to offer.

Also, the movie Shutter Island is directed by Martin Scorsese and stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo. In addition, it is a very deep movie that makes you think about a lot of different things. To fully understand it, you’ll need to see it multiple times.

6. Orphan (2009)

Orphan (2009)

Orphan is a movie with a thrilling premise. In it, a girl who is looking to be adopted finds a new family and settles in nicely. However, something goes wrong and everyone is left astonished.

Also, Orphan is a very intense movie. The entire film is well-made, with great acting, a well-written script, and perfect production. There is a lot of suspense in the movie, and the twist is very shocking to viewers. However, if you want a more complete movie experience, you can also check out the sequel which was released recently.

7. Luckiest Girl Alive (2022)

Luckiest Girl Alive (2022)

This recent movie release is a great thriller. It has a great plot, and the storytelling is interesting and leaves you wanting more at the same time.

Mila Kunis starred in a movie that was so exciting that it led to other events happening. The movie is separate, but it is connected in a way that makes it clear that everything is linked.

8. The Sixth Sense (1999)

The Sixth Sense (1999)

The movie’s seamless blending of tragic character development and terrifying, spine-tingling thrills is really impressive. Also, there are plenty of spine-tingling spectral experiences in The Sixth Sense, but none can compare to the most horrifying one, which involves a puking child ghost.

In addition, Cole’s experiences in The Sixth Sense make people feel empathy for him, and the film shows him and Malcolm being treated equally. At the end of the movie, you start to question what you saw before.

9. Zodiac (2007)

Zodiac (2007)

Ted Cruz may have been involved in the Zodiac Killer case, but it’s not clear for sure. Some people think so, but the movie doesn’t talk about it specifically. Nonetheless, some of the actors in David Fincher’s 2007 movie about the killer include Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., and Mark Ruffalo.

The acting is good in this movie, but Jake Gyllenhaal is the real star. It is a very good film.

10. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

In this story, Daniel Craig plays Mikael Blomkvist, a financial journalist who is in danger of losing his job. He is given the responsibility of finding out who killed a wealthy girl who vanished forty years ago. Lisbeth Salander, a young computer hacker, helps him with this investigation.

Her uncle wants to ask Mikael some questions about who may have killed someone because he thinks one of Mikael’s family members might have done it.

There are thousands of mystery thrillers being released yearly, However, these are the best mystery thrillers that will keep you in suspense.

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