What are Vampire Strengths and Weaknesses?

Do you want to have an insight into the weaknesses of vampires? Keep reading this article as we explore the subject matter concerning these mysterious creatures.

What are Vampire Strengths and Weaknesses?

Vampires are scary mythical and mysterious creatures that are popularly known to survive on human vitals, especially human blood.

The history of vampires’ existence can be traced back, as far as ancient Greece. Also known as creatures of the night, they have been mostly featured in folklore and fictional stories over the years. 

Mysteries will continue to unravel as long as the human mind remains eager to know more

Keep reading as we take you on a journey through uncovering the weaknesses of vampires

What are Vampire Weaknesses?

In order to answer the question “What are the weaknesses of vampires”, instances considered to be the weaknesses of vampires are listed below.

1. Master’s call: although vampires are seen as powerful creatures, they also answer to their master, which can sometimes deprive them of certain privileges and freedom. No matter the age of a vampire, they will always remain subject to their master’s call and will. This is seen as a form of weakness for vampires.

2. Sunlight: vampires are called creatures of the night for a reason, exposure to sunlight can lead to excruciating pain or death. When exposed to sunlight, vampires can combust and turn into ashes. vampires do not enjoy the luxury of walking during daylight hours like humans.

3. Holy water: this is seen as a nightmare for vampires. If vampires are thrown into a bath with holy water, it will great destruction and damage to the flesh.

4. Silver: Silver is known to cause great harm to vampires. Vampires, when touched with silver, can cause the flesh to burn. An injury caused by silver will take longer to heal and might leave an unforgettable scar. 

5 . Religious items: any item or place that is considered sacred and holds a strong religious belief remains repulsive to vampires.

6. Fire: Fire is another weakness of vampires. when exposed to fire, vampires can burn to ashes. It is also considered to be a pure item, by most vampires.

7. Weapons: As long as a weapon contains or is made of silver, they become taboo to vampires, and they are allowed to use them also.

8. Another form of weakness of the vampires is the invitation. a vampire cannot go into a gathering without an invitation or permission.

What are Vampire Strengths?

While there exist weaknesses, vampires are also known for their incredible strengths, here are some of their strengths pointed out below

1. Physical strength: one characteristic of these mythical creatures as far as history is concerned points out that they are endowed with an unusual amount of strength and flexibility which surpass living humans, even as they age, their strength is considered to increase up to three times of human strength

2. Speed: within a split second, vampires can move so fast that even the human eye is often unable to see or notice. These creatures are known to teleport faster than cars, enabling them to easily overpower their prey, especially humans.

3. Immortality: vampires’ lives are prolonged by their constant feeding from human blood. There are usually rare cases of vampire death, which could only occur by plowing a stake to the heart or removal of the heart or brain, or else vampires are known to live longer than humans.

4. Sense: the sense organs of the human body are slow compared to vampires. Vampires are able to see, smell and hear without a blur at their slightest interest. They pick up sounds and smell even from a distance, which also gives them an edge.

5. Healing: upon gaining any menial injury, for instance, a sharp cut, vampires can heal with speed as long as they feed recently and continuously. However, in cases where they are being stabbed with a holy object or silver, they heal slower and the injury would cause severe pain. 

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