6 Stages of Twin Flame Connection

Are you searching for what are the stages of twin flame? Do you believe or accept the concept of twin flames? Learn what the stages of twin flame are as you keep on reading.

What Are the Stages of Twin Flame Connection?

Twin flames are two souls that were once united and then split into two bodies sent to the earth. Interestingly, these two souls are said to be each other’s other half and share a deep, spiritual connection.

However, like any relationship, twin flames must go through several stages before they reach complete union. Keep reading to know the stages of the twin flame connection and help you understand what you can expect on your journey to reunification.

What Are the Stages of Twin Flame Connection?

What Are the Stages of Twin Flame Connection?

There are several stages of twin flame connections, here is a list of them:

1. The Initial Meeting

The first stage of a twin flame connection is the initial meeting. Interestingly, this meeting can happen in any circumstance, and there is no way to predict when it will happen.

Also, when twin flames first meet, there is instant recognition between the two individuals. It’s as if they have known each other their entire lives, even if they have just met.

2. The Runner and Chaser Stage

The runner and chaser stage is the most difficult and confusing stage of the twin flame connection. Interestingly, in this stage, one twin flame will run away from the relationship, while the other will chase after them.

Also, the runner is usually the one who is not ready for the intensity of the connection, while the chaser is trying to make the relationship work.

3. The Surrender Stage

The surrender stage is when both twin flames give up control and allow the relationship to unfold naturally. Also, this stage can only happen when both individuals have worked through their emotional baggage and are ready for a deeper level of connection.

In addition, in this stage, the runner and chaser dynamic comes to an end. Also, in the end, both twin flames are ready to work on the relationship together.

4. The Testing Stage

The testing stage is when the twin flames test each other to see if they are truly ready for the union. Also, this stage can be challenging as it requires both individuals to be honest with each other and work through any remaining issues.

In addition, the testing stage is crucial to ensure that the twin flames are ready for complete union.

5. The Harmonization Stage

The harmonization stage is when both twin flames agree to come together in complete union. Interestingly, in this stage, the twin flames merge into one, and the relationship becomes a complete expression of love.

In addition, the harmonization stage is the ultimate goal of the twin flame connection. Also, it is the reason why twin flames go through all the previous stages.

6. The Separation Stage

The separation stage is the final stage of the twin flame connection. Interestingly, in this stage, the twin flames separate physically, but their connection remains intact.

Also, this stage is necessary to allow both individuals to work on themselves and become the best version of themselves. However, the separation stage is not permanent, and the twin flames will eventually come back together.

In conclusion, there are six stages of the twin flame connection: the initial meeting, the runner and chaser stage, the surrender stage, the testing stage, the harmonization stage, and the separation stage.

In addition, each stage is crucial to the twin flame connection and helps the individuals grow and become ready for the complete union.

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