8 Clear Signs Your Hair Stylist Doesn’t Like You

Have you been sensing that your hair stylist doesn’t like you every you come around? Do you want to confirm the signs that indicate your hair stylist doesn’t like you? Keep reading to know the various signs that indicate your hair stylist doesn’t like you.

Signs Your Hair Stylist Doesn't Like You

Visiting a hairstylist is often a relaxing and enjoyable experience, especially if you like taking good care of your hair.

Also, it is normal to entrust a hairstylist with your hair and expect a pleasant interaction.

However, just like any other profession, not all hair stylists are equally friendly or professional.

Sometimes, you may get the sense that your hair stylist doesn’t like you.

Here, you will get to know the common signs that may indicate your hair stylist has a negative attitude toward you.

Signs Your Hair Stylist Doesn’t Like You

Signs Your Hair Stylist Doesn't Like You

Here are some of the signs that show your hair stylist doesn’t like you:

1. Your Hair Stylist Will Not Like to Make Eye Contact With You

One of the initial signs that your hair stylist may not like you is their consistent lack of eye contact.

Eye contact is a fundamental component of effective communication and rapport-building.

Furthermore, when your stylist avoids making eye contact, it can be an indicator of discomfort, disinterest, or even a desire to distance themselves from you.

Also, this absence of eye contact can make your salon experience feel impersonal and uncomfortable.

2. Your Hair Stylist Tends To Limit His Conversation With You

A friendly and engaging conversation often enhances the salon experience.

If your hairstylist provides minimal responses or avoids engaging in conversation beyond necessary salon talk, it might suggest that they don’t like you.

While some clients prefer a quieter salon visit, a complete lack of conversation can leave you feeling disconnected and unvalued as a customer.

3. Your Hair Stylist Gives You a Rushed Service

A rushed service is a clear indication that your stylist may not like you or value your business.

When a stylist rushes through your appointment, it suggests a lack of interest in providing you with quality service.

Also, you may notice them cutting corners, skipping steps, or finishing your appointment quickly to move on to the next client.

In addition, this can leave you with subpar results and a sense that your stylist is more concerned about quantity than quality.

4. Your Hair Stylist is Unwilling to Listen to You

Effective communication between you and your stylist is crucial for achieving the desired hairstyle.

If your stylist consistently disregards your input, preferences, or concerns, it indicates a lack of respect for your opinions and an unwillingness to listen.

In addition, this can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction with the salon experience, as you may feel unheard and unimportant.

5. Your Hair Stylist Always Displays Negative Body Language 

Your stylist’s body language can reveal a lot about their feelings towards you.

Signs such as crossed arms, heavy sighs, or frequent glances at the clock can indicate impatience, annoyance, or a desire to expedite your appointment.

Furthermore, negative body language can create a tense and uncomfortable atmosphere during your salon visit, making it clear that your stylist may not like serving you.

6. You Get Frequent Disapproval of Your Hair Choices From Your Stylist

If your stylist frequently expresses disapproval of your hair choices, criticizes your hair care routine, or negatively comments on your appearance, it is a sign they don’t like you.

Also, this display of behavior can be a reflection of their personal bias or dislike towards you.

In addition, this behavior can erode your self-esteem and make you feel unwelcome in the salon environment.

7. Your Hair Stylist Stops Giving You Valuable Recommendations

A skilled hair stylist often provides valuable recommendations for hair care, products, or styles that suit their clients.

If your stylist rarely offers suggestions or guidance, it is a sign that they don’t like you.

Also, this lack of recommendations can leave you feeling unsupported in your quest for great hair and may signify that your stylist doesn’t prioritize your satisfaction.

8. Your Hair Stylist Frequently Changes or Shifts Appointment With You

Encountering difficulties in scheduling appointments or facing frequent rescheduling or cancellations without valid reasons can be a telling sign that your stylist doesn’t prioritize your business.

Furthermore, this may indicate a lack of enthusiasm for serving you as a client, making it challenging to establish a reliable and convenient salon routine.

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