8 Clear Signs to Tell if Your Hair Stylist Likes You

Have you been noticing some body language that signifies your hairstylist like you? Do you want to know the signs and how to tell if your hair stylist likes you? If yes, keep reading to know how you can tell if your hairstylist likes you.

Your relationship with your hairstylist can be more than just professional; it can be personal too.

Building a positive connection with your stylist can enhance your salon experience and leave you with fabulous hair every time.

But how do you know if your hairstylist actually likes you as a client and a person? While it’s not always easy to discern, there are subtle signs that can clue you in.

Here, you will get to know the eight ways to tell if your hairstylist genuinely enjoys having you in their chair.

How to Tell if Your Hair Stylist Likes You

Here are the eight signs you will notice if your hairstylist likes you:

1. They Give You a Warm Welcome

One of the most apparent indicators of your hair stylist’s fondness for you is the warm welcome you receive when you walk into the salon.

If your stylist greets you with a genuine smile, remembers your name, and engages in friendly conversation, it’s a clear sign they like you.

Also, a warm and welcoming atmosphere sets the tone for a positive client-stylist relationship and can make your salon visits enjoyable.

2. They Give Your Personalized Service and Treatments

When your hair stylist goes above and beyond to provide personalized recommendations and treatments, it means they like you.

Sometimes they can even give services specifically to your hair type, preferences, and style goals, it’s a strong indication that they value your trust and loyalty.

Also, personalized service demonstrates their commitment to meeting your unique needs and ensuring your satisfaction.

3. They Communicate With You Effectively

Effective communication is vital in any relationship, including the one you have with your hairstylist.

If your stylist actively listens to your concerns, preferences, and feedback during consultations, it shows they genuinely care about your satisfaction.

Also, they may ask questions to understand your desired look and offer suggestions to achieve it.

Interestingly, open and honest communication helps build trust and ensures you leave the salon happy with the results.

4. They Are Punctual and Professional 

Punctuality is a sign of respect in any professional relationship.

If your stylist consistently starts your appointments on time and doesn’t rush through them, it suggests they genuinely enjoy styling your hair and value your time.

Also, being punctual demonstrates their commitment to providing you with a quality service and a stress-free salon experience.

5. They Give You Their Honest Advice

A hairstylist who offers honest advice, even if it means suggesting a lower-maintenance hairstyle that better suits your lifestyle.

Also, they can even advise you against a drastic change that might not work for you.

In addition, their honesty reflects their dedication to helping you make choices that enhance your appearance and confidence.

6. They Remember Every Detail About You

When your hair stylist remembers personal details about your life, such as upcoming events, recent vacations, or personal anecdotes you’ve shared during conversations, it’s a clear indication that they value you as more than just a client.

Also, remembering these details shows that they care about building a deeper connection and treating you as a friend, not just another customer.

7. They Sincerely Put Effort in Styling Your Hair

A hairstylist who puts effort into perfecting your hair and ensuring it looks fantastic when you leave the salon is one who takes pride in their work and values your satisfaction.

Also, they pay attention to detail, take their time to create your desired look and provide finishing touches that leave you feeling confident and pleased with the results.

8. They Give You a Genuine Farewell

As important as the warm welcome is the sincere farewell.

If your stylist takes a moment to express their gratitude for your visit, looks forward to seeing you again, and genuinely wishes you well, it’s a sure sign they like having you as a client.

Also, a genuine farewell from them leaves a positive lasting impression and strengthens the client-stylist bond.

In conclusion, your hair stylist plays a significant role in your self-confidence and appearance.

Recognizing these signs that they genuinely like you can help you foster a great client-stylist relationship.

Remember, it’s a two-way street; your kindness and consideration also contribute to building a positive connection.

So, the next time you visit the salon, pay attention to these eight ways to tell if your hair stylist likes you. It might just lead to your best hair days yet.

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