How to Draw a Mermaid Tail: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Are you an artist who loves is a fan of mermaids and loves drawing? Do you want to learn how to draw a mermaid’s tail? Learn the steps to draw a mermaid as you keep on reading.

How to Draw a Mermaid Tail

Drawing a mermaid’s tail can be a little task, especially if it is your first time drawing it. Also, one challenging aspect is figuring out the shape of the mermaid fin. However, with the right guidance, it can be quite easy.

In addition, to draw a mermaid tail, you only need to follow some simple steps. Firstly, you need to draw a long tail where the mermaid’s legs would be. After that draw the fin at the bottom of the tail. Finally, add scales to the tail.

Here are easy methods to draw each part of the mermaid tail using your drawing materials. In addition, we have included step-by-step instructions and sketches to help guide you through the process. You can find them below.

Materials you Need to Draw a Mermaid Tail

Materials you Need to Draw a Mermaid Tail

Before you get started, you’ll need to gather some materials. Here are the supplies you’ll need to draw a mermaid tail:

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Paper
  • Ruler
  • Cardboard
  • Paint
  • Scissors
  • Collage materials
  • Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter or sequences
  • Sponges
  • Marker pen
  • Hole puncher
  • Colored pencils or markers (optional)

Drawing a Mermaid Tail Step-by-Step

There are steps you need to follow to ensure you get the perfect mermaid tail. Here are steps in drawing a mermaid tail:

Step 1: Draw the Curve of the Tail

Draw the curve of the tail

This is the first step of drawing a mermaid’s tail. You start with drawing a curved “s” shape line on your book or material. Drawing an “s” shape is a simple way to start a mermaid tail. Also, you can draw it using Procreate Pencil for sketching.

Step 2: Draw the Outline of the Mermaid’s tail

Draw the curve of the tail

After drawing your “S” shape, you outline the mermaid tail. Drawing a straight line that represents the mermaid’s spine. You can do this by making sure the lines are slightly different. Also, you can outline your mermaid tail by making one side curvier, this will give you a realistic effect of a mermaid tail.

Step 3: Drawing the End of the Tail

Drawing the End of the Tail

After you draw a curvy line, you draw the tail. To draw a mermaid tail, you need to draw a triangular shape line. This will make the tail more realistic and well-positioned.

Step 4: Draw the Tummy and Belly Button

Shade the Side Fins

The next step is to draw the tummy and the belly button of the mermaid you drawing. When doing this, do a light sketch of the mermaid’s tummy and curve a small line to represent the mermaid bully button.

Step 5: Adding the Fins on the Sides of the Tail

Adding the Fins on the Sides of the Tail

Mermaid tails have fins that help them swim through the water. To draw the fins, start by sketching two curved lines on either side of the tail.

Also, these lines should start at the top of the tail and curve outwards. Next, draw smaller curved lines that connect the two larger lines, creating a fan-like shape. In addition, you can repeat this process for the lower half of the tail to create the lower fins.

Step 6: Add Some Shading to the End of the Tail

Add Some Shading to the End of the Tail

After you must have added fins on the side of your mermaid, you add shading to the end of the tail. You can do this by adding some lines on the tail to create a kind of fin texture.

Step 7: Add Shading to the Side Fins



This is the part where your mermaid drawing becomes realistic. Here you draw fins at the side of the tail, making use of the lines at the side that are curvy.

Step 8: Shade the Side Fins

Shade the side fins

After you must have drawn your fins, you add some shades at the side of the fins. Also, here you use repetitive line work and some shading on the fins.

Step 9: Shade the Long Side Fin

Shade the Long Side Fin

Shading your mermaid tail gives it a realistic look. Add more line work and shade the long side fin. Also, you can add some shadow to the receding folds and curved lines to the mermaid’s tail. 

Step 10: Add Mermaid scales

Add Mermaid scales

Now that you have the basic shape of the tail and fins, it’s time to add some detail and texture. Start by sketching scales on the tail.

Also, these can be small, overlapping ovals that follow the shape of the tail. Then, add some texture to the fins by drawing lines that follow the curve of the fins. In addition, you can also add some shading to create a sense of depth and dimension.

Step 13: Add Color to the Fins and Tail

Add Color to the Fins and Tail

The final step is to add color and finishing touches to your Mermaid tail. In addition, you can use colored pencils or markers to add color to the tail and fins.

Also, you can add highlights and shadows to create a sense of light and depth. Once you’re happy with your drawing, erase any leftover pencil lines and add any final details or embellishments.

Step 14: Add Highlights and Shadows

Add Highlights and Shadows

This is the final step to drawing a mermaid tail. After drawing and detailing your mermaid tail, you create the shadows with a color of your choice and highlight the drawing.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Draw a Beautiful and Realistic Mermaid Tail

Tips and Tricks to Help You Draw a Beautiful and Realistic Mermaid Tail

Here are some tips and tricks to help you draw a beautiful and realistic mermaid tail:

1. First, you need to study reference images of mermaid tails. This is to help you get a better understanding of their shape, texture, and color.

2. The second tip is to experiment with different drawing techniques. Techniques like cross-hatching or stippling, this is to help create texture and depth.

3. Use a variety of colors to add dimension and interest to your drawing.

4. Practice drawing mermaid tails from different angles and perspectives to improve your skills.

In addition, drawing a mermaid’s tail may seem daunting at first, but with a little practice and patience.

Also, you can create a beautiful and realistic tail that captures the magic and allure of these mythical creatures. In addition, remember to start with the basic shape, add detail and texture, and finish with color and finishing touches.

How to draw a Mermaid Tail Video

Here is a simple video on how to draw a mermaid’s tail.

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