How Do You Send Reiki to Someone: 10 Practical Tips

Do you want to discover the art of sending Reiki to someone with this comprehensive guide? Keep reading to learn various techniques and expert insights on how to send healing energy to others using Reiki.

How Do You Send Reiki to Someone?

Reiki is a unique form of alternative healing and has gained popularity for its ability to channel positive energy and promote well-being.

One of the fascinating aspects of Reiki is the ability to send healing energy to others, even across distances.

In this comprehensive guide, you will get to know the various techniques and insights on how you can send Reiki to someone.

How Do You Send Reiki to Someone? 

How Do You Send Reiki to Someone?

Sending Reiki to someone is a powerful way to offer healing and support, regardless of the distance between you and the recipient. 

Here, we’ll delve into various methods of sending Reiki energy to someone in need:

1. Through Remote Reiki Sending

  • Create a Calm and Sacred Space for the Healing Session.
  • Focus your intention on the recipient, visualizing them in a bubble of healing light.
  • Also, draw the Reiki symbols in the air while reciting their mantras silently.
  • Allow the healing energy to flow from your hands, directed toward the recipient, for an appropriate duration.

2. Using Reiki Crystal Grids

Crystal grids can enhance the effectiveness of sending Reiki to someone. Interestingly, these grids consist of various crystals arranged in specific patterns to amplify energy flow. 

To create a Reiki crystal grid here are what to do:

  • Select appropriate healing crystals that resonate with the recipient’s intentions.
  • Arrange the crystals in a geometric pattern, such as a flower of life or a simple grid.
  • Perform the Reiki symbols over the crystals, infusing them with healing energy.
  • Activate the grid with your intention, connecting it to the recipient’s energy.

3. Through Reiki Box Technique

The Reiki box technique allows practitioners to send healing energy to multiple recipients at once. To utilize the Reiki box technique:

  • Write the names or intentions of the recipients on separate pieces of paper.
  • Place the papers inside a small box or container.
  • Draw the Reiki symbols on the box, infusing them with healing energy.
  • Send Reiki to the box, intending that the energy reaches all the recipients.

4. Group Reiki Sending

Group Reiki sending involves multiple practitioners collectively sending Reiki energy to a specific recipient or situation.

This combined effort creates a potent healing effect. To conduct group Reiki send:

  • Form a group of Reiki practitioners who share a common intention for the recipient.
  • Sit together in a circle or arrange a virtual meeting.
  • Perform the usual Reiki preparation and connect with the recipient’s energy as a group.
  • Channel Reiki energy simultaneously, maintaining focus on the intended healing.

5. Time-Specific Reiki Sending

Time-specific Reiki sending involves sending healing energy to someone at a predetermined time, creating a synchronized healing experience. To execute time-specific Reiki sending:

  • Coordinate with the recipient or their representative to determine a suitable time for the session.
  • Prepare for the session as you would for in-person healing, calming your mind, and focusing on the recipient’s well-being.
  • At the agreed-upon time, channel Reiki energy with the intention of sending it to the recipient.

6. Reiki Chants and Mantras

Chanting Reiki mantras and symbols can be a powerful way to send healing energy to someone.

Also, these sacred sounds carry vibrational frequencies that can positively influence the recipient’s energy field. To perform Reiki chants:

  • Learn and memorize the Reiki symbols and their associated mantras.
  • Ensure you find a peaceful space where you can sit comfortably.
  • Recite the mantras with a focused mind and an intention to send healing energy to the recipient.

7. Visualization Techniques

Visualization is a fundamental aspect of Reiki. Utilize visualization techniques to send healing energy effectively:

  • Imagine the recipient surrounded by a warm, radiant light.
  • Visualize the Reiki symbols being drawn over the recipient’s body, activating healing energy.
  • Envision the recipient’s energy field to be cleansed and balanced.

8. Sending Reiki Through Breath

Breath is a carrier of energy. Sending Reiki through breath involves infusing your breath with healing energy and directing it toward the recipient. The steps are as follows:

  • Take slow, deep breaths, focusing on the Reiki energy flowing through you.
  • With each exhalation, visualize the energy traveling to the recipient and enveloping them in healing light.

9. Use of Reiki Wands

Reiki wands are tools that aid in directing healing energy with precision. In addition, use a Reiki wand for sending energy:

  • Choose a wand made from a suitable crystal that aligns with the recipient’s needs.
  • Hold the wand in your dominant hand and perform the Reiki symbols over it.
  • Point the wand toward the recipient and visualize the Reiki energy flowing from the wand to the recipient.

10 Intentional Reiki Art

Create intentional Reiki art infused with healing energy to send to someone in need. Interestingly, this art can be in the form of paintings, drawings, or digital artwork. To create intentional Reiki art:

  • Set a clear intention of healing and support for the recipient.
  • Channel Reiki energy into the art while working on it, infusing it with positive vibrations.
  • Share the finished artwork with the recipient, encouraging them to display it in their healing space.

In conclusion, sending Reiki to someone is a beautiful way to spread healing energy, love, and positivity.

The various techniques mentioned in this comprehensive guide offer versatile ways to connect with others and offer support, regardless of distance.

Remember that sending Reiki is a sacred practice that requires a compassionate heart, pure intentions, and a willingness to be an instrument of healing. 

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